3 Most Common Home Insurance Claims- Storm Damage Repair

As experts in storm damage repair around Springfield, Ohio we are very familiar with home insurance coverage as well. Most homeowners will have to file at least one insurance claim in their lifetimes, if not, many more than that. In fact, an estimated 6% of Americans who own a home file an insurance claim each year. 

Year after year as weather changes, fluctuates and has a mind of its own we see homeowners benefit from their homeowners insurance coverage when they have to call us in for storm repair. 

We are honored to work alongside home insurance companies to provide emergency home repair services in the aftermath of a severe storm and specialize in quality storm damage repair done in a short amount of time. 

Since we have seen home insurance enable homeowners the ability to restore their homes after a devastating storm, we thought we would give you the reminder to be sure you are properly covered. When the next storm rolls through your neighborhood are you covered for these top 3 home insurance claims?

Top 3 Home Insurance Claims?

1. Wind & hail Damage 

It is estimated that 45.5% of home insurance claims are regarding wind and hail damage. Wind and hail damage is most commonly caused by tornadoes, severe storms, or hurricanes. When these weather events pass through your town, it’s likely the amount of damage caused will be well worth filing an insurance claim as siding, window, and roof repair can get pricey. 

2. Fire and lightning damage 

Coming in second with 23.8 % of home insurance claims is fire and lighting or electrical damage. While it is the second most common claim it is in first place as the most expensive home insurance claim. The average total of a fire damage insurance claim is $77,340, Yikes! Good thing you’re covered!

3. Water Damage & Freezing 

Water damage takes up 19.9% of home insurance claims in the United States. The causes of water damage can vary greatly from freezing or bursting pipes to leaking appliances, 

All other property damage 

Many other home insurance claims revolve around other miscellaneous causes of property damages. This can include falling trees, a baseball through your window, or a delivery truck backing into your garage. When these random freak accidents happen, home insurance is there to cover you.

Storm Damage Repair near Springfield Ohio

When the next severe storm rolls through your neighborhood and has your basement flooded or your roof leaking you will want to make two calls: Your home insurance agent and Reliant Restoration. Together we will have your storm damage repaired and your home restored to good as new. 

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