BBQ Safety- Preventing Grill Fires

It’s summertime! Warm weather means friends and families in Ohio are gathering around the BBQ for an outdoor cookout. It’s Not summer until you can smell the scent of burgers, brats, steaks, and veggies cooking on the grill. Until something starts burning that is. 

Utilizing a grill is one of the best ways to prepare food for yourself or a crowd in the summertime. But it also poses a few fire safety risks that you must be aware of. 

Reliant Restoration has used our years of experience in Fire restoration in Springfield, Ohio to help remind you how to stay safe around the grill this summer. 

General Grill Safety

Whether you use a gas grill, charcoal grill, smoker, or fire pit grill there are many easy ways you can reduce your risk of fire or injury. Follow these basic tips to help ensure your safety as a grill master. 

  • Set your grill up a safe distance away from structures and overhangs, including your main building, shed, garage, trees, and other potentially flammable objects.
  • Never use your grill inside, in a tent, or under an outdoor awning or carport. Doing so can pose a serious fire hazard and potentially cause carbon monoxide poisoning if you’re using a gas grill.
  • Light your gas or charcoal grill using special long-length lighters or long matches to avoid getting burned. Keep all ignition sources out of the reach of children.
  • Never leave an actively burning grill unattended and let your grill fully cool before you cover or store it.
  • Clean your grill thoroughly and often to reduce flammable buildup inside.

Charcoal Grill Safety

Many people prefer the taste of food cooked on a classic charcoal grill. This way of cooking can be a whole experience and is enjoyable for many. Utilizing a charcoal grill, however, comes with its own unique fire hazards. Keep these safety tips in mind when using a charcoal grill:

  • Only add enough charcoal to cover the bottom of the grill. Don’t pile too much inside since it could cause ashes and sparks to become airborne, possibly catching nearby objects or even your home on fire.
  • Store extra charcoal in a secure place away from other potential fire hazards, and preferably in an airtight metal container.
  • Only use starter fluid specifically designed for charcoal. Apply it to cold coals only, and don’t add extra fluid once the grill is lit. Otherwise, the flames could get too high, resulting in possible burns or an uncontained fire.
  • Empty your used ashes only when they have fully cooled. Never store or dispose of them in a garbage can or leave them on a deck. Even when cooled, ashes can still cause a fire. It’s best to dump them on garden soil or contain them in a metal receptacle for proper disposal.

Gas Grill Safety

The most common type of grill used today is a gas grill. The ease of use has made it a staple in many homes and many summer BBQs. Even though gas grills are easy to use, they still have their own set of fire hazards and risks you must be aware of. 

  • Open the lid before lighting the grill. This allows oxygen to escape and reduces the risk of fire or even explosion.
  • Check your grill’s gas line and tank fittings regularly for leaks. You can do this by brushing soapy water around these areas. If you see bubbles emerge, there could be a leak somewhere. 
  • If you have spare gas cylinders, never store them under a stairway or the eaves of your home. Place them upright and outside, away from any structures to minimize fire risks. Turn off your grill using the controls first, then close off the gas line at the tank. This helps to ensure any excess gas can escape safely.

Fire Restoration in Springfield, Ohio

Nothing ruins the mood of a fun summer BBQ like a grill fire. Follow these safety tips to ensure a fun and safe time is had by all. If you do find yourself with a grilling mishap, our team at Reliant Restoration can be onsite in a timely manner to address your fire restoration needs.

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