Can Cigarette Smoke Cause Smoke Damage in My Home?

We are well beyond the years of smoking cigarettes being allowed indoors in public places and getting further and further from it being a common habit in most people’s lives. This is a move in the positive direction considering the significant health risks that have been associated with smoking cigarettes.

While smoking indoors can be regulated in public establishments, there is no way to prevent anyone from smoking in their own homes. What some people don’t realize is that cigarette smoke can cause just as much damage to your surrounding areas as it can to your body.

At Reliant Restoration we have seen many homes plagued with the ongoing effects of cigarette smoke damage. Read on to find out how cigarette smoke could be damaging your home. 

The Smells

The smell of cigarette smoke can cling to almost any surface in your home. Surfaces like couches, rugs, curtains, and blankets will quickly become engulfed with the smell of smoke. Which is a smell that is not easily removed or covered up. 

Refraining from smoking indoors will help keep your belongings in better condition for much longer than if it were exposed to frequent cigarette smoke. 

The Stains

Additionally, cigarette smoke can stain many surfaces within your home. Yellow or brown stains can appear on walls, ceilings, and light fixtures after being exposed to cigarette smoke. Much like the smell, these stains are hard to cover up. Nicotine can eventually seep through layers of paint, so even painting over stains on a wall or wall paper may not do the trick.

The Burns

No matter how careful you may be, cigarettes are a fire hazard, especially when used indoors. This also means that they are a hazard to create burns within your home. Ashes can fall and burn your carpet or furniture. It can be easy to accidentally burn door frames or walls with the butt of a cigarette, as well. 

Whether your concerned about how smoking indoors has affected your own home or needing to repair damage from previous owners it is important that the repairs are done right. For smoke damage restoration around Springfield, Ohio, Reliant Restoration has experts ready for the job. 

Don’t let cigarette smoke take over your home any longer!

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