Can Smoke Damage Be Restored?

When you experience a fire in your home, the actual flames of the fire will make it pretty clear what parts of your home or which possessions of yours it has touched. There aren’t many materials that can be salvaged when it comes in contact with fire for any period of time.

A fire is made up of more than just the flames. Much of the damage caused by a house fire is actually not from the flames themselves but from the smoke.

Smoke affects your house and your belongings in a different way than fire does. It will spread much further than the flames actually travel and can be sneaky about the tiniest cracks and spaces it can get into.

With all that being said, let’s look at some of the most common ways you will see smoke damage in your home.

Common Effects of Smoke Damage

Look out for these signs of smoke damage after experiencing a house fire. Even the smallest of fires or accidents can produce enough smoke to damage several areas of your home.


The most visible way smoke will damage parts of your home is by leaving discoloration. Ranging in color from yellow to brown to black the severity will vary but no matter what it looks like, it won’t be going away if you don’t do something about it. Smoke can discolor almost any surface. Your walls and ceilings are just as vulnerable as your furniture, carpet and other belongings.

Lasting Smell

Since smoke travels through the air, it can easily sneak into all areas of your house even if a fire didn’t. Smoke is really good at getting into small spaces and even cracks within your home surfaces. If not mitigated properly, this smoke will remain and leave a lasting smell. While you may not be able to see it, you certainly will smell it.

Poor Air Quality

While we know the condition of your home is important when evaluating smoke damage, your family’s health and safety is even more important. Lingering smoke damage can actually affect the quality of the air within your home. Carbon monoxide and other chemicals that travel through smoke can lead to respiratory issues.

Smoke Damage Restoration

The good news is, smoke damage doesn’t mean you need to tear down your whole house and start fresh after a fire. While it may sound intimidating, when you bring in the right professionals in smoke damage restoration in the Springfield area, it can be removed, repaired, and mitigated.

Through different techniques, learned through years of experience, professionals will be able to detect smoke damage in even the most hidden spots and do the work to remove it from your home. Freeing you from unwanted discoloration, smells, and health concerns in the future!

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