Can you Build a Fire Resistant Home?

When building a home, most people choose construction materials and finishes based on price or style. There are, however, a multitude of other criteria that could and should be considered when building or renovating a home. 

Fire safety is one of the features many people don’t know they can build right into their home by selecting the right materials or even how they design their layout. 

Can you build a truly fire resistant home? Probably not. But you can make choices that will buy you time and could save lives should you ever experience a house fire. 

The Foundation

When it comes to fire safety, you can start at the very foundation of your home. It’s commonly known that Insulated concrete forms will be your best choice in foundation material. Concrete is non combustible and can withstand fire and extreme heat for up to 4 hours. 

While this option may cost 1 to 4% more than a traditional wood framed house, it could save you, in the event of a house fire. Which I think we can all agree would be worth it!

The Roof

When choosing your roof, consider materials that will interlock tightly. You don’t want any room for cracks or holes that embers could sneak in through. Additionally you want to lay your roof on top of a fire resistant cap sheet for an extra layer of protection. 

The Siding

There are so many siding materials to choose from and they all vary in the level of fire protection they might offer you. Any kind of wood siding or shingles are going to offer you the least amount of fire protection and won’t give you much time one they catch on fire. 

Brick is considered one of the most fire resistant materials you can build your house with as it is treated in flames already. Brick can offer you up to 4 hours of fire protection. 

The Windows

Windows are one of the weakest points within the whole structure of your home. Excessive heat alone is enough to penetrate and set off combustibles within your home. It is best to choose windows that are double glazed, insulated, and have tempered glass. This type of window is going to put up the strongest fight against flames. 

The Layout

When designing a home be sure to strategize with your builder about fire safety. How can you slow down the spread of fire within your home through the layout of bedrooms, door placement, and hallways. Also ensure each bedroom has an accessible exit strategy.

Fire Restoration

No one wants to experience a house fire, but if you do, the safety and protection of your family will always be your top priority. Plan ahead to protect both yourself and your home by choosing these materials to slow the spread of fire. 

Should you find yourself with fire damage and in need of fire restoration in Springfield, Ohio contact our team of professionals at Reliant Restoration. We are here to quickly respond to emergencies and have your home restored in no time.

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