Choosing a Restoration Company

If your home has suffered damage from a sudden fire, storm, or water leak, you need to act quickly. The longer the home sits in disrepair, the more of a toll the damage will take. Fire causes smoke to permeate. Water damage leads to rot, musty smells, and mold. The list goes on. 

The question is, who do you call to restore your home to its proper condition? 

Though there are plenty of repairmen and carpenters out there, this is a special situation that requires a special touch. If you’re currently dealing with a damaged home, and you’re debating what company to use for your repairs, here are some questions to ask. 

Do They Specialize in Emergency Restoration? 

When it comes to sudden, catastrophic damage, you don’t want to hire just any carpenter or repair company. Emergency restoration requires special knowledge and experience. The damage needs to be assessed properly and repaired in-depth. 

This is not a simple cover-up job. Remediation and true restoration are needed. Emergency repair companies know what underlying damage to look for and how to thoroughly address it. They’re also experienced in working with insurance policies. 

While emergency repair needs are often covered by your home insurance, navigating that process can be very confusing. An emergency restoration company knows how the process works, and they can help you through it. 

Are They Available Immediately? 

Standard carpentry and contractor companies schedule projects out a ways. This is simply no good when you’re dealing with standing water, smoke damage, or an exposed roof, etc. You need someone who can be there immediately to assess the damage and start work once you give the go-ahead. 

24/7/365 availability is a must for emergency restoration. 

Are They Local? 

When you’ve experienced serious damage to your home, it’s not uncommon to be solicited by random repair companies. In fact, some contractors will sweep through entire towns after severe storms, dropping off flyers and making phone calls to homes that have sustained damage. 

They’ll try to take advantage of your stressful situation, advertising misleading prices, only to overcharge you when they’re all done. Some perform very shoddy craftsmanship, taking your money and heading out of town before you can notice. 

Since these people aren’t local, they don’t have to worry about their reputation. Instead, they simply move onto the next community that has been hit by tragedy. You should always make sure you are working with a local company with local references. 

Reliant Restoration is based in the Miami Valley area of Ohio. Not only do we offer emergency service work, but we also provide complete restoration and construction including electrical, plumbing, siding, roofing and more. We can be reached 24 hours a day any day of the year. If you’re looking for emergency fire, water, or storm damage repair in the Springfield, Ohio area, Reliant Restoration is here for you! 

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