Cleaning Household Textiles After a Fire

After you experience a house fire it may be tempting to jump into cleaning and repairing whatever you can. We strongly encourage you to take the time to emotionally recover as housefires can be traumatic no matter how big or how small. We do not, however, encourage you to get to work on any repair or cleaning in your home before consulting the experts in fire damage restoration in Springfield, Ohio.

Before You Do Anything Else

At Reliant Restoration, we have sadly seen eager home owners actually cause more damage to their home and belongings by trying to restore and repair damaged items on their own. Commonly, we see homeowners try to clean and wash textiles within their home as that seems like a manageable task. Unfortunately, this can go wrong very easily. So before you do anything in your home after a house fire, call in the restoration experts and seek advice from our team of professionals along the way.

Actions You Can Take

We aren’t saying you can’t touch anything within your home, there are a few steps you can take to help protect the textiles within your home from incurring any further damage while the restoration process takes place.

Dry and Ventilate

People often forget that with fires comes water that was used to extinguish it which leaves a nasty mess of soot and water on your belongings. You can open your windows and hang clothes outside in an attempt to dry out and ventilate affected textiles.

Elevate Furniture

It can be helpful to place blocks under your future to provide a barrier between your carpet or floors. This can help things dry out properly and prevent further staining.

Change Your furnace filter

Change your furnace filter daily until it appears to be clean. This will help remove toxins, smoke, and dust from the air in your home.

Protect Clean items

Items that are unharmed or unaffected by the fire can be removed or covered in plastic to prevent any damage in the restoration process. Do this with caution, however, smoke can reach places you wouldn’t expect and cause damage to items that seem to be unaffected by fire otherwise.

Give Us a Call

If you are feeling anxious to get back into your home after a house fire and take steps towards the restoration process, remember your first step should always be to contact professionals. From there you can tackle the items listed above. It shouldn’t be long until our team is on the scene and takes the burden and pressure off of you to get your house back in working and safe condition!

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