Common Mistakes Homeowners Make After a Fire

If you’re experiencing a house fire, you need to act quickly. Unless the fire is small and can be put out by a fire extinguisher, you should get everyone out immediately. From there, you’ll need to call the fire departmentUnfortunately, even with the fire extinguished, your work has only just begun. 

There are a number of actions you need to take after experiencing a housefire. Since the vast majority of homeowners have never experienced a housefire before, they’re likely to make a mistake or two. This can result losing out on insurance coverage, suffering further damages, and more. 

If you’ve recently experienced a housefire, here are some of the most common mistakes you should avoid making. 

Waiting to Contact Their Insurance Company 

The first thing you should do after everyone is safe is to contact your insurance provider. This will ensure you get the proper coverage and that an adjuster is sent right away. Delaying contact could otherwise hurt your claim. This is especially true if you start removing items or making repairs before the situation has been inspected. 

Not Salvaging What They Can 

Fire and smoke are devastating forces. Still, assuming the entire home hasn’t been burned down, there are likely to be some items that survive. Once the firefighters give the okay, go ahead and gather what you can. The longer they stay in the home, the more likely they are to become damaged. 

Even if items are damaged beyond repair, you might not want to throw them away just yet. These can serve as records for your insurance claim. 

Speaking of… 

Fail to Take Proper Inventory of What Was Lost 

In order to get fully reimbursed for lost and damaged items, you’ll need to make a detailed list of what’s gone and how much each item cost. Any proof of purchase you can provide will be helpful, whether it’s a receipt or a picture of the damaged item. 

Taking pictures is something you should do for the damage your home has suffered as well. The more proof you have, the easier it will be to receive reimbursement.  

Not Calling an Emergency Repair Professional  

Fire damage should never be taken lightly. Even if only a portion of your home is damaged, smoke has likely infiltrated much of the house. Additionally, the water used by firetrucks can result in water damage, which in turn can lead to mold and more. 

If your home has experienced a fire, it is critical that it is repaired properly. This means using an experienced emergency repair company. The good news is fires are typically covered by home insurance policies. 

For emergency fire damage restoration in the Springfield, OH area, contact Reliant Restoration today! We take care of dry-out, clean-up, storage, smoke odor removal, rebuilding, restoring, refinishing, and more. We can also take care of securement and temporary weatherproofing if your home is exposed to the outdoors.  

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