Don’t Let April Showers Bring May Water Damage

We all know how the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” But for a homeowner, April showers can bring much more than flowers. April showers (not to mention the melting snow from March) can lead to flooding in your homes and backyards and water damage that will long outlive those May flowers if not handled properly.

This spring season, we want to help protect you from flooding and water damage in your home.

Know your home

Unless you are a new homeowner, you probably have a good idea of the areas of your home that are at risk of flooding or leaking during the rainy season. If not, take a look at where the water tends to pool around your home, including your roof or gutters. Being aware of these areas can help you detect flooding or leaking much quicker.

Additionally, make sure you are aware of the community your home is in. Is it located in a flood zone? Be up to date on this each year, as flood zones can and will change as areas develop.

Should you find yourself in an area prone to flooding, we’d suggest taking further preventive steps, including sump pump installation, and possibly even adjusting your home insurance plan.

Protect your assets

In case of a flood, you want to be sure important items are in a safe place. Store all of your official documents in a fire and water proof box, preferably not on the ground floor. Have any items you are storing in cardboard boxes or furniture raised up from the ground to prevent damage. If flooding is a common problem in your home, you may even want to have your water heater or other appliances raised from the ground as well.

Have a plan

Do you know what your first steps will be if you discover a flooded basement this spring? How you act in that moment can determine the severity of the damage to your home. It’s important to have a plan if you find yourself in that situation. We recommend having Reliant Restoration on speed dial for water damage restoration in Springfield, Ohio.

Using a professional in any situation that involves flooding or leaks in your home will ensure the clean up with be done thoroughly and stop any water damage or mold from spreading throughout your home.

Reliant Restoration is on call for you this rainy season, meaning you can sit back, relax, and enjoy those May flowers.

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