Home Renovation vs. Home Restoration- What’s The Difference?

Many use the terms remodel. renovation, or restoration interchangeably when referring to fixing, repairing, or making updates to their home or any building. In your average everyday conversation, this is no big deal. But when you are trying to convey your goals and wishes for your home to a contractor, designer, architect, or restoration company, using the proper terminology will help support your goals. 

It’s important to understand the difference between home renovation and home restoration before taking on a new big project. 

What Is a Renovation?

A renovation may include repairs to your home or building, usually focusing on refreshing and renewing the space with updates and replacements. In a renovation, whatever room you are renovating maintains its same functionality, for example, a bedroom remains a bedroom and a kitchen remains a kitchen. 

A renovation might include the following:

  • Installing new floors
  • Painting
  • Replacing knobs and faucets
  • Removing rotted wood
  • Repairing broken or damaged structures

A remodel may fall under the same umbrella as a renovation; however, it usually consists of more significant projects that may change the design and functionality of a space. Remodels often include changing the structure of the home, removing walls, or adding additions. 

A remodeling project may include the following:

  • Increasing the square footage of a room
  • Raising ceilings
  • Installing a plumbing system
  • Adding, gutting, or removing walls
  • Installing a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system

What Is a Restoration?

Now we get to talk about restoration. As experts in emergency home restoration, we are passionate about returning homes and other spaces back to their original glory, which is what restoration is all about. 

The architectural definition of restoration is a project that restores a building to its original state. Restorations are common for historical buildings to highlight their deep cultural roots and heritage or follow unfortunate tragedies such as fire, flood, smoke, or water damage. 

A restoration project may include:

  • Replacing and refinishing the original flooring, if it’s wood
  • Replacing carpet
  • Replacing the hinges, locks, handles, and damaged parts of doors and windows
  • Replacing the doors and windows
  • Replacing damaged light and plumbing fixtures
  • Repairing holes in the walls

Restorations tend to use less labor and materials than remodels and renovations. They can be the most affordable option if the house or building has a solid foundation and only needs small updates and repairs.

Emergency Restorations in Springfield, Ohio

When you experience the tragedy of a fire, flood, smoke damage, or water damage in your home, restoration is what will help return your home to its original state. And restoration experts like our team at Reliant Restoration are always on call to get the job done well and get it done fast. 

For fire and water damage repair near Springfield, Ohio call us today!

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