How Can Mold Damage Your Health and Home?

We all know mold is something you don’t want to invite into your home. The unsightly visual of mold growing anywhere in your house is reason enough to act fast when you see it appear. What many homeowners don’t take into account, however, is the adverse effects mold can have on their home and their health.

If the visual appearance and discoloration isn’t enough to make your prioritize mold removal, we hope revealing these effects it can have on your health and home will help open all homeowner eyes to the dangers of mold.

How mold can affect your health

Mold can appear anywhere that moisture and oxygen are present. Once mold spores find a spot to grow, it will begin to multiply quickly. It will also begin to produce different allergens and potential toxins inside your home.

Being exposed to this mold, along with the toxins and allergens it produces can worsen pre-existing health conditions. Those with allergies and asthma could experience worsening symptoms.

New health conditions can be developed from exposure to mold as well. You may find you start to notice coughing, wheezing, sneezing, a sore throat, or eye irritation when exposed to mold. After a while, these mild side effects can turn into infection or more long term conditions such as asthma.

How mold can affect your home

In addition to being dangerous for your health, mold can affect the structure and safety of your home as well. Mold will grow and feed off of any surface it attaches to. This means when you have mold growing in your ceiling, floors, foundation, it is weakening the structure of your home.

Ongoing mold growth can turn into big house renovations as it leads to the need to replace walls, flooring, or foundation within your home.

The key to stopping mold growth in its tracks and preventing ongoing damage to both your home and your health is to catch it early and remove it properly. When mold is not removed properly the growth will continue.

If you want mold removal near Springfield, Ohio done right, contact our experts at Reliant Restoration. This will be the best step you take to protect both the health of our family and your home!

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