How Could a Wildfire Affect My Home?

It seems that the news is plastered with stories covering wildfires across the world, from fires in California to the most recent fires engulfing the Amazon Rainforest. These fires are devastating to anything they cross paths with. Wildlife, trees, plants, homes, businesses, and the people that fight them are all at risk of serious danger when a wildfire comes through. 

How can we prevent wildfires?

With wildfires seeming to be more rampant and common lately, it is a good time for all of us to be reminded of fire safety and how to prevent forest fires. We think Smokey the Bear would agree, it is everyone’s job to be responsible and help prevent wildfires. 

Always be sure to be careful when out in our world’s natural habits, fully extinguish fires, be careful with any tools that may create a spark, properly dispose of cigarettes or any other flammable material. One mistake can be costly to large populations.

Will a nearby wildfire affect my home?

If you have ever lived in the path or near the path of a wildfire, you know the feeling of impending doom that could be coming your way. Unfortunately, just living in proximity to a wildfire puts you and your home in danger of serious damage even if the fire never actually reaches your home. 

As a fire approaches your area, it may be tempting to stay in your home to combat any damage. We encourage you to listen to whatever your region is advising you to. if evacuation is recommended, do so. 

A wildfire can affect your home in many ways whether or not the flames reach your home. When a fire in nearing your home, windows can begin to warp or become discolored, concrete can begin to crack due to dehydration or heat exposure, and your roof can be damaged from burning embers that may blow around the area. 

Even after a wildfire has been extinguished, you may find soot residue begin to settle on your home and smoke damage makes itself visible. 

How can I protect my home?

If your home manages to escape the flames from a nearby wildfire, there are still many other threats to your home. The one sure way to avoid long term damage to your home is to act quickly. 

Damage from heat, smoke, and soot can only be minimized or removed when done the right way. Calling an expert in fire restoration around Springfield, Ohio immediately after a fire will significantly increase your chance of restoring your home after the chaos of a wildfire. 

Let’s all work together to prevent wildfires and act responsibly in our natural habitats. When that fails or natural disaster strikes, Reliant Restoration is your next line of defense to protect your home!

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