How Do I Know If The Mold In My Home Is Dangerous?

There are many different types of mold you could find within your home and not all mold varieties are necessarily dangerous to your health. This can be good news because obviously no one wants to compromise their family’s health to something as pesky as mold. 

Just because the mold in your home isn’t dangerous to your health, doesn’t mean it can’t still have some negative effects on your personal health and the health of your home. 

No matter what kind of mold you find spreading in your home, there is always a possibility for prolonged exposure to the musty smell and air to contribute to respiratory illnesses or allergies. 

Additionally, any kind of mold can be unsafe for the structure of your home. Mold is always a sign that there is moisture present. Depending on where you find mold within your home, you may also be finding unwanted moisture. This could be causing the interior or exterior of your home to rot or weaken and compromise the structure and safety of your home. 

Not to mention, how unsightly mold can be as it discolors walls and blackens areas as it spreads. 

When mold is especially dangerous

So we have already established that any kind of mold spreading throughout your home is less than ideal and something that could be taken as a warning sign for greater issues. 

There is one kind of mold, however, that is especially dangerous to your home and health and should be taken care of immediately. That is black mold. 

Toxic black mold is a species of mold that releases toxins as it spreads that can cause symptoms when inhaled. These symptoms range from trouble breathing and a persistent cough to chest pain and migraines. 

What if I find toxic black mold in my home?

If you think you have toxic black mold growing and spreading throughout your home, you want to act fast. Mold is a fungus that can spread rapidly if not treated properly. 

You won’t want to treat toxic black mold on your own, which is where our experts in mold remediation around Springfield, Ohio come in! We have saved many families and homes from the wrath of a toxic black mold out break within their home.

Don’t risk the health and well being of your family. If your questioning whether or not you have black mold growing in your home contact us at Reliant Restoration today!

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