How Does Mold Enter Your Home?

When you think of mold, you probably imagine something that’s rotting or decaying. Whether it’s found on spoiled food or in a flooded, abandoned building, mold is a fungus that thrives in moist, stagnant areas. But mold can also appear in places that are otherwise clean and well taken care of. 

This includes your home. 

Mold can grow on basement walls, in crawl spaces, behind washing machines, under sinks and more. This is not an issue to be taken lightly. Mold can cause allergic reactions, rashes and shortness of breath. It’s especially harmful to people with asthma. 

It also causes biodegradation, meaning it’ll eat away at your home over time. 

The question is, how does mold get into your home in the first place? The truth is…. 

Mold is Technically Already in Your Home 

Mold produces spores that spread through the air. These spores are present in almost all of the air around you, including the air inside of your home. Left in their current state, they’re completely harmless. Introduce a moist surface, however, and the mold spores attach, grow and multiply. 

Once this process starts, mold can spread very fast.  

People with humid homes and damp basements are especially at risk of developing mold. Water leaks, flooding and storm damage are also likely to introduce mold.  

Mold Should Be Addressed Quickly and Professionally 

If you’ve experienced flooding or another type of water damage, it’s important to have it taken care of as soon as possible. The longer it stays, the more likely mold will develop. It’s also important that the damage is repaired thoroughly and correctly. Otherwise, moisture may remain trapped in unseen areas and mold can began to take root. 

Whether you’ve already discovered mold in your home, or you’ve experienced water damage that could result in mold, you should contact a professional immediately. 

At Reliant Restoration, we provide mold removal services, along with storm and water damage repair. Whatever your needs are, we’ll work quickly and efficiently to get your home dried out and repaired. For water damage repair and mold remediation in Springfield, OH, contact Reliant Restoration today! 

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