How to Detect Storm Damage

If you live in Ohio, you’ve experienced a multitude of weather conditions. Whether it’s hail and wind, a tornado, or even a snow storm, Ohio is subject to a lot of what mother nature has to offer.

You have also probably experienced the anxiety of the morning after a storm when you know you have to go outside and assess the damage to your home. You hold your breath as you step outside, hoping for the best but anticipating the worst.

Do you know what to look for when you find yourself in this situation? There are a few key areas you must check when trying to detect storm damage to your home.


The exterior of your home is your first line of defense in a storm, which means it can sometimes take the hardest beating. Be thorough in checking your siding. Look for both missing or damaged siding. This is especially common after a windstorm or hail storm.

Additionally, you will want to check any appliances or mechanical items that are stored outside your home, such as HVAC or your grill. These items don’t get the benefit of being protected inside your home, so they are more likely to be damaged in severe weather.


Your roof is also on the front lines of protecting your home in a storm. Checking your roof can start on the inside of your home. You will want to be sure there is not water leaking through a damaged roof.

Next, look around the outside of your property to make sure you didn’t lose any shingles from your roof. You may want to bring in a professional to further inspect your shingles depending on the severity of the storm.


Make sure your gutters are all intact and in place. Gutter damage can lead to water damage as water can pool or be directed in the wrong areas. Also check for dents, dings, or any hail damage on your gutters.


Checking your windows will be especially important after strong winds or a hail storm. Carefully check each window in your home for cracks, shatters, or damage to window frames.

For Severe Storm Damage, Always Call a Professional

Losing a few shingles or having a piece of siding damaged is one thing. If your home has experience serious damage that compromises its integrity and leaves you vulnerable to further weather elements, you need to act quickly.

That’s where we come in. Reliant Restoration offers 24/7 emergency storm damage repair in Springfield, Ohio. Our professionals will be there to board up windows, patch leaking roofs, or repair siding. Let us take away the anxiety of the morning after a storm.

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