How To Stay Safe During A Severe Storm

There are many lessons we learn as children that follow us long into our adult years. For example, brushing your teeth, looking both ways before crossing the road, and being kind to others are all lessons you learn as kids that you use almost daily growing up, so much so they become habit.

There are several of these childhood lessons, however, that we use less frequently and therefore can forget all together. As a child you learn in school how to stay safe in a storm or any natural disaster, but then are hopefully lucky enough to never have to put this knowledge to use. 

Now that you are an adult, taking care of a family of your own, it is important to get a refresher on how to keep yourself, your family, and your home safe in the case of a severe storm. Read on for your refresher course to stay safe during a storm.

Take shelter

This may seem like an obvious first step when you find yourself in storms, however, we see far too many people choose to stay outside during a storm. When you stay outside, you run the risk of being in the path of blowing objects, falling trees, wires, or structures, and run the risk of being struck by lightning. 

Remaining inside will be your best bet for safety. Know which room in your house will be your designated storm shelter. If you have an underground basement, that will be your best option. If not, choose a room that is on the interior of your home with as few windows as possible.

Stay away from windows

It can be tempting to sit by a window to watch or monitor a storm, however this is an unsafe idea. When seeking shelter you want to remain as far away from windows as possible. In a severe storm you never know what could surprise you by blowing through your window or when hail will get big enough to break the glass you are standing in front of. 

Avoid electronics

Lightning can travel in your home through anything that conducts electricity. For this reason, stay away from electrical outlets or any electronics that are plugged into an outlet. If you know a storm is coming, you can prepare by going around your home and unplugging any electronics. Once a storm begins, however, do not attempt to unplug anything!

Have an emergency kit

Having a storm emergency kit will help keep you and your family safe during a storm. Fill this kit with items such as a first aid kit, flashlights, snacks, emergency contact numbers, candles, and blankets.

Protect your home

Having a plan and being familiar with safety hazards will keep your family safe during a severe thunderstorm. 

Unfortunately, there is less you can do to keep your home safe from the outside forces. If you find yourself with storm damage after a severe storm call Reliant Restoration. Storm damage repair around Springfield, Ohio may be necessary when you find your home in less than favorable conditions after a storm.

Take some time to talk with your family and make sure you are prepared to keep yourselves and your home safe the next time a storm rolls through!

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