Is Your Roof in Need of Storm Damage Repair?

In the days following a severe storm, the clean-up process can be extensive. Depending on the size and scope of the storm you could find yourself picking up debris across the neighborhood, removing fallen trees, or repairing damage to your home.

Assessing the damage done to your home should be done in a timely manner. Many times when storm damage to the exterior of your home caused by a storm goes unnoticed it can lead to further damage to the interior of your home.

This is especially true for roof damage. The roof is your home’s biggest shield from the outside elements. Damage to your roof can open your home up to a world of problems.

Following a storm, it is important to assess your roof damage. Ultimately we suggest calling in our team of professionals in storm damage repair around Springfield, Ohio. We never recommend homeowners try to climb up on their own roof, as for the inexperienced it can be extremely dangerous.

There are, however, a few warning signs you can look for from the ground that may indicate you have roof damage.

Missing Shingles

Whether you have shingles spread across your lawn or you see gaps in your roof, missing shingles is a sure sign damage has accrued to your roof. The shingles are an important first layer of protection to your roof and should be replaced promptly.

Visible Granule Loss

As shingles fight to withstand high wind speeds they may flap or rub. This results in characteristic horizontal lines of granular loss. Some granule loss is normal but a noticeable amount may be cause for concern.

Signs of Water Damage

Signs of water damage in your home could mean there is damage on your roof. If water is coming in through your ceiling or dripping down your wall, chances are there is a leak in your roof.

Damaged Shingles

Even though your shingles may be attached to your roof, they can still undergo significant damage that can compromise the quality of your roof. Look for visible cracks or dents on your shingles to see if hail or other types of damage occurred.

Loose Debris

When loose debris is found in your yard this could be a good sign your roof could be damaged. Whether it’s kid’s toys, tree limbs, or housing materials, if it was flying around in the wind there is a chance it struck your roof in the storm. Loose debris can cause major damage to your roof.

Act Quickly on Storm Damage Repair

Roof damage is not something that should go unchecked. Luckily, even insurance companies agree on the importance of a well-maintained roof, and repair after a storm is often covered. For all your storm damage repair needs, give our team a call at Reliant Restoration.

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