Life After a House Fire?

Big or small, seeing a fire in your house is a terrifying experience. If it happens to you, your first priority should be safety. For smaller fires, the safest thing to do might be to grab a nearby fire extinguisher and prevent the fire from spreading. 

Once a larger fire has broken out, the only thing you should be focused on is getting everyone out of the house. Once you’re certain everyone is clear of danger, it’s time to call the fire department and wait for them to arrive. 

As you watch them douse water on the place you’ve called home, you’ll wonder… 

What Happens Next? 

Whether your house is salvageable or not after a fire, the most important priority is the well-being of your family and yourself. Make sure anyone who was in the house during the fire is checked out by a medical professional for burns, smoke inhalation, etc. 

Once everyone is cleared, it’s time to find a place to rest. Even if your home is still standing, if you needed to call the fire department, you probably won’t be able to stay there. A friend, family member, or neighbor may be willing to take you in.  

Otherwise, you can contact a local disaster relief service such as the American Red Cross or Salvation Army.  

Connect with Your Insurance Company 

With everyone safe and a place of rest secured, the next thing you should do is file a claim with your insurance company. Your exact coverage will depend on the policy you have. You’ll need to talk to a representative to get the specifics. 

Most likely, your insurance has a “loss of use” policy to cover your day to day expenses while everything gets sorted. Make sure to save receipts on all purchases during this time. You can collect reimbursement when it’s over. 

Surveying the Damage 

Next, you’ll want to survey the damage and take into account what is lost. Even rooms that weren’t touched by the fire may be heavily damaged by smoke. Your insurance company will ultimately determine if the house should be salvaged, gutted, or torn down completely. 

This will obviously have a big impact on what happens next.  

Maintaining Life 

After a fire in your home, it’s important to maintain day-to-day life as best as possible. Yes, where you’re staying is different. Items you’d normally use are gone. But you can still continue habits, schedules, hobbies, and more. 

For the sake of you and your family, put a big emphasis on returning life to your normal routine. 

If you or a family member are struggling with the thoughts and fears of what have happened, consider seeking counsel. A professional counselor can help you process the events and develop steps to move on. 

Restoring What Remains 

If the house can be saved, you’ll need to find a company that specializes in fire restoration services. Unlike a traditional carpenter or handy man, emergency repair companies are trained in repairing fire damage and removing smoke smell completely. 

For emergency fire restoration in Springfield, Ohio, contact Reliant Restoration. Our 24/7 service is ready when your hour of need strikes. It’s our goal to get your home back to proper condition as quickly and efficiently as possible so that you can get back to living your life. 

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