Restoration Company or Home Insurance- Who Should You Call First?

When disaster strikes in your home, whether it be a house fire, flood, burst pipe, or storm damage, your first instinct may be to call and file a claim with your home insurance company. Believe it or not, this may not be your best first move.

In reality, the first thing you should do, once it is safe to do so, is document as much as you can. Get pictures of all the damaged and affected areas of your home right away. 

The second thing you should do is call an emergency restoration company.

Why Call a Restoration Company Before Insurance?

Simply put, getting in contact with a restoration company before you contact your insurance company will give you the information you need to quickly and effectively file your claim if you choose to do so. It puts you in the driver’s seat as you are armed with the details of the extent of the damage. 

When you contact a restoration company they will come out to assess the damage and give you an estimate. This will allow you to know how extensive the damage is, how quickly you need to act, and how much it may cost. 

Time Line

Insurance companies can be slow to act on claims. When you already have the estimate done by a restoration company and a professional opinion on the sense of urgency, it could speed up the process and allow you to act on repairing the damage sooner. Which is essential to prevent further damage or mold growth. 

Consider Premium Increase

When you get an estimate for the damage restoration before contacting your insurance company you can make an informed decision. Based on the extent of the damage and the cost to fix it you could choose not to contact insurance at all. For smaller jobs, the cost of the insurance premium increase that follows filing a claim could be more than simply paying for the repair out of pocket. 

Experience Working With Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are always looking for a reason to deny a claim. When you contact restoration companies before your insurance agency you can make sure they have the experience needed to file your paperwork correctly.

Insurance companies make a living out of receiving premiums and never paying benefits. When you have a disaster restoration company at your side for mold, water, or fire damage restoration in Springfield, Ohio, you’ll have a smoother process from start to finish.

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