Should You Buy a House With Mold?

This time of year many people choose to move or start hunting for a new house. Summer is the peak season for house shopping and the market can be pretty competitive. Unfortunately for buyers, this can make it more difficult to find a new home that checks all your boxes and is in good condition.

Many buyers find themselves in the position where they have to decide what is most important in a new home wish list and what they can compromise on.

There are many flaws you may find within a home that don’t need to be deal breakers and can be safe compromises. There are also flaws, however, that should not be overlooked and may lead to you walking away from a house you may otherwise love.

As mold removal experts in Springfield, Ohio we have seen a lot of new home buyers with questions of mold found in their prospective homes. Often wondering what it means for their potential future in any given home.

Let’s take a look at how you can spot potential mold problems when at a house showing or open house.

How Can You Identify Mold Issues in a Home?

Visible Mold Spores

The most obvious way to detect mold in a home is when it is visible. Mold spores are usually black or dark in coloring. Be on the lookout for these spores developing in areas of the home where moisture is most present. Kitchens and bathrooms tend to be the most popular breeding ground for mold spores to pop up.

Damp or Musty Smell

With this sign of mold, you won’t be able to see it as you walk through the house, but you certainly will smell it. Have you even entered an open house and were immediately hit with a damp or musty smell? This should be a red flag that mold could be present. The smell of mold won’t go away by just opening a few windows when you move in, so take this smell seriously and follow up by looking for other signs of mold we have listed.

Signs of Water Damage

Moisture is the enemy in any home. Aside from checking the common places where moisture is present, kitchen and bathrooms, be on the lookout for signs of water damage or places where water and moisture have gotten in where they aren’t supposed to. Unresolved water damage will likely lead to more water damage and, you guessed it, mold.

Check basements and ceilings for any leaking. Be sure to investigate the quality of the roof and gutters and evaluate the grade of the yard and drainage system used.

Does Mold Have to be a Deal Breaker When Looking for a New Home?

It will all come down to personal preference when shopping for a new home, however, finding mold does not have to be a deal breaker. Depending how severe the cause or damage is, a lot of mold can be easily removed by our professionals at Reliant Restoration.

When addressed properly, as soon as possible, mold sources can be evaluated, fixed, and any mold that has grown can be removed.

When searching for your new home this summer, keep these signs of mold at the top of your mind. The good news is, if your new dream home has some mold issues, it doesn’t have to break the deal, just call in the experts and it can be good as new on move in day!

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