Signs of Future Water Damage to Spot When Buying a New Home

When your in the home-buying process, it can be hard to stay on your toes after touring countless houses. Home buyers often grow weary when their search process lasts longer than they were hoping for. This usually leads to lower standards and missed red flags. 

As professionals in water damage restoration near Springfield, Ohio we have seen countless new homeowners move into their homes only to find old water damage or experience new damage shortly after moving in. This a bummer and oftentimes avoidable if you know what to look for in your home tours. 

Water Damage Warning Signs


1. Follow Your Nose

When walking through a potential new home, take note of any unusual smells. You want to watch out for any room that smells moldy or musty, this is more common to be found in the garage, basement, or bathroom. 

If you do notice any peculiar smells, be on the lookout for any visible signs of mold, including discoloration on the walls or floorboards. If concerns pop up, hire a good inspector to fully assess the situation and check for major water damage. 

2. Visit After a Storm

If you are serious about a house, ask to have your walk-through right after a storm. This can help you assess things like where the water flows in the yard, how the gutters are operating, where the runoff pools, and how the property slopes.

Any significant pooling of water could be a red flag. Pay close attention in the basement and crawl spaces for any signs of dampness after a rainstorm.  

3. Check the Roof

Look for shingles that appear loose, dimpled, or discolored, as these can be warning signs of leaks to come.

If you live in a snowy area, take special note of icicles hanging from the eaves during the winter. They may look pretty, but they can indicate an ice dam.

4. Examine Windows and Door Frames

Take the time to notice all the windows and doors. Are they properly installed with no gaps between the walls and sills? Are they maintained with no peeling caulk or discolored and soft wood?

Damage around windows and doors is often a sign of water damage. This can often be fixed by a few simple repairs to prevent water leaks which you could ask to be done before purchasing the house.

5. Listen for Leaks

Dripping faucets, sinks, bathtubs, or shower heads can be heard from a mile away if you take the time to listen. There’s no way to know how long the leak has been going and the extent of the damage it has already caused. 

Check each faucet by turning it on and off and make sure the flow of water stops completely. 

Water Damage Restoration

If you find signs of current or future water damage, you don’t have to rule that house out. Talk with your home inspector and see if you can incorporate some repairs into your offer.

Whether you are a new homeowner or have lived in the same house for years, the best way to ensure water damage won’t continue to wreak havoc in your home is to call in professionals in water damage restoration near Springfield, Ohio. Our team at Reliant Restoration is standing by.


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