The Basics of Smoke Damage

When you experience a fire in your home or business, the damage done by the flames is just half of it. In fact, some of the worst damage to your home can be done by smoke and soot. Smoke and soot can linger and spread long after the flames are extinguished. 

So how do you identify and stop the spread of soot and smoke after a housefire? Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about smoke damage. Including where to go for smoke damage restoration in Springfield, Ohio. 

The Definition of Smoke

It can’t be that complicated, right? Most people think they know what smoke looks like and when compared to the flames of a fire, smoke seems rather harmless, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Smoke is made up of soot and ash which technically consists of particles that weren’t fully consumed by the flames.

When the flames have extinguished these particles in smoke can linger and spread through the air. Eventually, they will settle on your home’s floor, walls, textiles, and other surfaces. 

How Smoke Can Damage Your Home

When smoke rests on the surfaces of your home, it will affect or damage these surfaces in a few different ways. Most often we see the following damage caused by smoke:

Stains- soot and ash will begin to discolor the surfaces they sit on. Staining can affect floors, and make walls appear yellow, or tarnish appliances. 

Odor- Smoke can leave a distinct smell, that is hard to get rid of. This is because smoke can seep deep into the pour of materials within your home. 

Corrosion- Smoke has an acidic property from the soot and the ash. The acidity in smoke can interact with chemicals within materials that then cause corrosion. Soot can eat through wood finished or cause rust on metal items. 

Smoke Damage Restoration

As you can see, when your experience a house fire the remediation will go far beyond replacing burned items. Smoke damage can affect all corners and surfaces of your home. There are a few actions you can take on your own in the remediation process. 

After a house fire you can:

-Open doors and windows to increase ventilation

-Turn off your heating and cooling to prevent spread through your vents

-Use fans to increase ventilation

-Call emergency smoke remediation professionals in your area.

In Springfield, Ohio you will want to call our team of remediation professionals at Reliant Restoration. To ensure no smoke, soot or ash is left lingering in your home, you won’t want to tackle your restoration on your own. Our emergency services are available whenever you need them. 

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