The Hidden Dangers of Water Damage

Water damage can happen in a number of ways: 

A burst pipe.  

A leaky roof. 

A flooded basement. 

Whatever the cause, it leaves you with a serious mess on your hands. Carpet needs to be torn up. Walls need to be repainted. And should you have anything sitting on the floor, it might need to be thrown out. 

But there are less obvious problems that can arise from water damage. If you’re not quick, careful, and thorough in your repairing process, they can wreak further havoc upon your home and even pose a health risk. 

Here’s what to watch out for. 

Structural Integrity 

If water seeps into your ceiling, walls, and floors, it may start to rot away the studs and support beams. This could lead to part of your ceiling collapsing or a foot going through the floor. A new paint job or fresh carpet isn’t going to fix rotten wood. 

Water damage needs to be properly inspected to ensure it doesn’t extend beyond the surface. If it does,  then further replacement is needed. 


Water can be so effective at damaging things that it doesn’t necessarily have to touch something to cause harm. Moisture from water leaks can ruin paint, warp drywall, and cause rust or corrosion to form.  

Vacuuming up the majority of the water isn’t going to get the moisture out of the air. A water damaged home must be properly dried and dehumidified. 

Mold and Health Hazards 

Water and moisture have another side-effect that can get particularly nasty: mold. Mold has a habit of forming where you can’t see, making it easy to miss. Sometimes it’s behind paneling, underneath flooring, or inside a closet.  

You do not want this to happen. In addition to being unsightly, mold is dangerous to humans, especially children. Proper water damage repair should eliminate the risk of mold, but if mold forms, you’ll need mold remediation as well. 

Making Sure Water Damage is Repaired Correctly 

Water damage repair might seem as simple as adding a new coat of paint and replacing some carpet, but as you see, the problems go beneath the surface. If your home has been damaged by water, don’t try to fix it yourself or call your local handyman. 

You need someone who specialized in emergency repair so that nothing is missed. For water damage repair in Springfield, Ohio, contact Reliant Restoration today!

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