The Power of Fire

Fire has been all over the news in the past year, from fires that spread across California, to fires in South America, and now it seems much of Australia is engulfed in flames as well. It can be both fascinating and frightening how powerful the flames of a fire can be. 

When controlled, fire can provide us with a warm cozy atmosphere in our fireplaces or provide a place to cook smores. Controlled fire can even be used to dispose of yard waste or clear out brush. 

When fire is not controlled, however, there is nothing cozy about it. An uncontrolled fire can ruin your home, be dangerous to humans and animals, and like we are seeing in Australia right now, wipe out habitats and homes for many.

If you have experienced a fire in or near your home you have experienced the power of these flames first hand. If you haven’t experienced a house fire, consider yourself lucky, we hope you never have to!

While the flames of a fire can wreak havoc on a country, community, or individual home, there is something else that can be just as damaging. The smoke that comes with a fire is also extremely powerful and destructive.

In a forest or brush fire the amount of smoke in the air will grow as the fire grows. This smoke can be carried for miles and miles affecting the air quality for all animals and humans who may be in its path.

Even if you don’t live near where the fire is actually happening, you could be affected by the smoke that could travel towards you and so could your home.

In a house fire, smoke can cause just as much damage to your home and body as the flames can. Smoke damage can seep into all the materials within your home and cause discoloration and leave an awful smell. 

Unlike fire damage, smoke damage can be a little less obvious, which is why you need to call in an expert to take care of it. If you have had a fire in your home, chances are there is smoke damage that you may not even be aware of. 

Our experts at Reliant Restoration have years of experience in detecting smoke damage in homes across Ohio. We will be able to remove all evidence of smoke and even get rid of that lingering smell. 

For smoke damage restoration near Springfield, Ohio keep our experts in mind. While we hope you never have to experience the fighting power a house fire can have, we are always here to help if you do. 

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