Watch Out For These Summer Fire Hazards

Everyone loves summertime! Especially when you get through the dreary months of winter in Ohio. But we wouldn’t be a responsible fire restoration company in Springfield, Ohio if we didn’t take this opportunity to remind you of the dangers of certain summer fire hazards. 

Grill Safety

One of the biggest culprits of fire damage and injury in the summer is grills. Both gas and charcoal grills can present issues for homeowners. In fact, July is the peak month for grill fires, affecting both home structures, garages, outdoors, and unclassified fires. Leaks or breaks were a factor in 11% of grill structure fires and 23% of outdoor fires. Gas grills usually contribute to a high number of fires compared to charcoal. Failure to clean a grill or having flammable items too close to the grill were both leading causes of grill fires. 

Grill safety tips to remember

  • Always check the connection between the propane tank and the fuel line
  • Do not overfill the propane tank
  • Be careful with lighter fluid
  • Supervise children around a grill
  • Properly dispose of hot coals (douse in water and stir)
  • Never put hot coals in plastic, paper, or wooden container
  • Always grill in the open air with plenty of ventilation
  • Clean your grill to prevent grease build-up

Firework safety

The use of fireworks, of course, peaks around the 4th of July but they remain popular all through summer. The fun and exciting activity of lighting off legal fireworks in your driveway is a beloved summer pastime. Unfortunately, this comes with many fire hazards and a high potential for injury. Keep these safety guidelines in mind when lighting for viewing fireworks this summer. 

Firework safety tips to remember

  • The best way to view fireworks is through a public show
  • Keep a close eye on children at fireworks events
  • Avoid the use of consumer fireworks 
  • Never use fireworks indoors
  • Never light illegal fireworks
  • Have a water source nearby for extinguishing
  • Always read the directions and warning on the label
  • Always properly dispose of used fireworks

Campfire safety

The final summertime fire hazard is the beloved campfire. A lot can go wrong when you gather around an open flame. Luckily with the proper safety precautions, there is no reason you can’t safely enjoy s’mores around the fire this summer.

Campfire safety tips to remember

  • Build campfires where they will not spread, away from dry grass and leaves. 
  • Keep campfires small, and don’t let them get out of hand. 
  • Keep plenty of water and a shovel around to douse the fire when you’re done. Stir it and do it again with water. 
  • Never leave campfires unattended. 

Fire Restoration Near Springfield, Ohio

BBQ’s, Campfires, and fireworks are all quintessential summertime favorites. We want everyone to enjoy these pastimes without having them turn into a disaster for their home or family. Following these simple safety steps can help you and your family safely enjoy your summertime activities. 

When disaster does strike, your bonfire gets out of hand, your grill flames catch the garage or a firework gets away, Reliant Restoration is standing by for your fire restoration needs in Springfield, Ohio. 

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