What Causes House Fires?

We all learn about fire safety and prevention when we are young and in school. Maybe you were lucky enough to get to explore on a fire truck or try on firefighter gear, all while learning how to prevent fires and stay safe in your home. 

If you’re like most everyone else, that elementary school lesson was the last time you even thought about fire safety or studied what you can do to prevent a fire in your home.

Our team at Reliant Restoration has restored countless homes after the tragedy of a house fire. We want to help you promote fire safety in your home by reminding you of the most common causes of house fires we see in hopes it will help you prevent this tragedy from happening in your own home. 

Heating Equipment

Fires often times start from any kind of heating equipment. Portable heaters can be useful, however, they are also big fire hazards. If you use a portable heater, be sure it is plugged into a wall rather than an extension cord and far away from anything that could easily catch fire. Be sure to turn it off when you are not in the room.

Any permanent heating equipment such as your furnace should be cleaned and inspected regularly to ensure safety. 


The kitchen is a common place for a fire to start. Ovens, stovetops, microwaves, and other appliances can all be fire hazards if not used properly. When cooking in the kitchen, be sure to always stay alert and avoid distractions. Never leave your home unattended with the oven, stove or microwave on. 

Keep all hot surfaces clean and free of items that could be flammable such as towels, napkins, sponges, or plastic dishes. 


Smoking indoors will introduce a very big and very unnecessary fire hazard into your home. If you or someone within your home is a smoker, encourage them to smoke outside, a safe distance from your home and garage. Designate a safe place for cigarette butts to be properly and safely disposed of. 

Electrical equipment

Anything that gets plugged into your wall or any electrical unit can also become a fire hazard. Extension cords should be used properly and checked for any frayed edges. Be sure to not overuse any outlet or power points within your home and always unplug electronics when they are not in use. 


Candles are used to set a soothing and relaxing atmosphere within your home, but often times, they can cause chaos in the form of a fire. Use candles with caution in your home. Always keep candles out of the reach of pets and children. Be aware of items around your candles such as towels or shelves that could easily catch fire. 

Fire safety isn’t just for kids to learn in school; it’s something adults and homeowners should always be aware of. Our experience in fire damage restoration around Springfield Ohio has shown us that many adults have forgotten the basics of protecting their home from fire hazards.

Save your home from a tragedy by avoiding these top causes of house fires today!

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