What Should I Do If My Sewer is Backed Up?

Having a sewer back up in your home can go on just about everyone’s list of worst case scenarios. Many people, however, have no idea what they would do if they found themselves in this unfortunate situation.

Everyone’s first instinct in the case of a sewage backup is usually to call a plumber. This is a great first step and a plumber will be able to stop and repair whatever caused the sewage back up. 

What a plumber won’t do, however, is clean up the mess that a sewage backup can leave behind in your home. When a plumber leaves, your sewage system may be fixed, but what do you do about the water and sewage in your home and ruined floors?

This is where Reliant Restoration comes in!

Your second call, after a plumber, should always be a water damage restoration specialist to clean up the mess this disaster leaves behind. 

Why you need to call in the experts

It may be tempting to let the plumber fix the backup and attempt to repair any other damage by yourself, but we urge anyone who has had a sewage backup to not tackle damage restoration on their own. 

Water damage is almost always more than meets the eye. Water can quickly soak into floor boards, walls, and foundations. This can weaken the structure of your home and is not always easily detectable.

Water damage may not always soak into the infrastructure of your home right away but if not cleaned up properly, over time it can begin to do more damage.

In addition to ongoing water damage, when a sewage backup isn’t cleaned up properly it can also create a perfect breeding ground for mold. Mold can be damaging to your home and the health of you and your family.

Watch out for black water

As if water damage and mold weren’t bad enough, sewage back up introduces a unique threat to your home and health in the form of blackwater. Blackwater can contain feces, urine, water, and toilet paper which, as you can imagine, can be very toxic to your health.

Hopefully by now you are convinced who you need to call for water damage restoration near Springfield, Ohio after a sewage backup. For the health of your home and family call in the experts to avoid future damage and health complications. 

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