What Type of Mold is in my House?

To the average homeowner, mold is mold. When they see green, black, brown, or even red or orange-hued mildew growing or spreading in their home, they know they could have a mold problem. 

Most times homeowners don’t know the differentiations between different types of mold and what that could mean for their families health or the damage it could do to their home. 

Some mold is fairly harmless and more of an unattractive nuisance than anything else. Other types of mold are incredibly dangerous and should be taken seriously.

Wondering what kind of mold is growing in your home? Check out this guide below of different dangerous molds that could be found in your home. 

Aspergillus Niger This mold appears black with white or yellow underneath. This is the most common form of black mold. It is usually found on damp walls or even on fruits and vegetables. It is rare, but this type of mold can cause serious lung disease. 

Aspergillus Flavus– This mold appears yellow-green with red-brown underneath. This is a type of mold that is downy or powdery in texture.

Cladosporium This mold appears black, yellow, and green and has clusters of fluffy spots. It can grow on almost any damp service and causes allergic reactions that increase in severity after prolonged exposure. 

Stachybotrys chartarum This is a greenish-black mold that appears commonly inside walls, especially after water damage. This can be dangerous to those who are young, old, or immunocompromised.

Mold Remediation in Springfield, Ohio

Generally speaking, many molds are an immediate threat to your health. You can attempt to clean small mold spots with different at-home treatment options. However, It should be noted, if you believe you have dangerous mold growing in your home, it is best to contact experts in mold remediation near Springfield, Ohio. For the health and safety of your family, you shouldn’t attempt to remove this mold on your own. A professional will be able to treat it for good!

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