When to Call a Mold Removal Professional

Mold isn’t just unsightly. It’s destructive and dangerous. Left unchecked, mold can spread quickly throughout a home or office building, causing damage while posing health risks to those present. Mold spores can cause respiratory inflammation, allergic reactions, and more. 

Restoration companies like Reliant Restoration offer fast and effective mold removal in the Springfield, OH area, removing and repairing contaminated sites and stopping mold at the source.

But many homeowners question, when do you call mold removal professionals? At the first sight of any mold? Or do you wait until it’s taking over your whole home?

Well, the answer is probably somewhere in between. Let’s take a look.

If you notice mold growth in your home, you will want to make note of its location and size. You will notice that as you do your regular cleaning, no amount of water, soap, or vacuuming can remove mold. Even if it appears to get better, for the time being, it will likely be back. For small spots of mold, you can use specialized cleaning products to try to treat the area. 

With mold, however, it is also important to find the cause. Mold comes from moisture, so assess where excess moisture may be present in your home. Mold growth and spread can often be managed by managing moisture and humidity. 

There are cases however when a professional must be called. If you experience any of the following, it could be time to call our team of mold removal professionals in Springfield Ohio. 

Call a Mold Removal Professional if…

  • Your home smells, moldy, musty, or damp it could be the first sign if an unseen mold problem. 
  • There is so much mold that you can’t remedy the problem easily.
  •  Mold growth expands close to or more than 4 square feet.
  • There are highly susceptible individuals in your home. This could include those with respiratory conditions such as severe asthma or allergies, and those with a weakened immune system caused by HIV, chemotherapy or an organ transplant. 
  • You have young children and elderly persons in your home.
  • There are other hazardous materials present, like asbestos or lead, that will be disturbed or removed along with the mold. 
  • Moisture has created structural problems. 

Mold Removal in The Springfield Ohio Area

At Reliant Restoration, we provide emergency mold remediation and removal to Springfield, OH and the surrounding area. Our goal is to stop mold before it can spread and cause further damage. This is done through careful cleaning, removal, and restoration.

Thanks to our extensive experience removing mold from Springfield, OH homes, we know what causes mold, where it grows, and how to best take care of it.

Even if you can’t see it if you think there’s mold growing in your home, contact a professional before it becomes a severe problem. For mold remediation in the greater Springfield, OH area, contact Reliant Restoration today.

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