Where Is Mold Most Likely To Grow In Your Home?

We can all agree that mold is an unwanted, unsightly, unhealthy visitor in your home. It is something no one really wants to see or deal with, yet is more common than you may think. It can also be harder to remove than you may think. For this reason, when you find mold in your home it is important to act quickly to get that pesky unwanted intruder gone for good.

One way to catch mold growth in your home, before it gets out of control, is to be on the lookout in some of the most common places it sneaks up on you. In order to help you stay on top of keeping your home clean, inviting, safe, and mold free we have listed some of the most common spots mold may start growing in your home.

Basements or Cellars

Mold loves moisture, and will thrive in any environment that contains moisture. For this reason basements and cellars are especially prone to mold growth because they tend to be the most damp or moist areas of your home. 

Be especially aware of mold growth if you have had any flooding or leaking in your basement.

Below Sinks

Another spot that tends to have moisture is below kitchen and bathroom sinks. These areas tend to be enclosed by cabinets so they hold onto any water or leaks that may drip from your sink. 

They are also spots that can be easily overlooked or ignored so be sure to clean out these areas every once and awhile to check for mold, leaks, or moisture. 

Around refrigerators

Refrigerators and freezers can sometimes produce condensation, making the small cracks and spaces around your refrigerator the perfect breeding ground for mold to grow uninterrupted.

Around windows

If your windows are not properly sealed you may be letting in many elements like cold air, heat, rain, or snow. If moisture is getting in through your windows you can bet mold will follow.

Air conditioning units

This is another spot that tends to create condensation and go unnoticed for long periods of time. We suggest creating reminders for yourself to check these less noticeable areas every once and a while to ensure they are staying clean and dry.

Again, the key to mold removal around springfield, Ohio is to catch it early! Be on the lookout in these common places for that unwanted mold visitor and give us a call at Reliant Restoration if you ever have any suspicion of a mold intrusion!

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