Why Mold Loves the Summertime Just as Much as You Do

Just like us, mold can live and grow in any season of the year but don’t we all really flourish in the summertime? The same goes for mold. The summer weather can facilitate faster and stronger mold growth for a variety of reasons. 

Fast-growing mold can present a considerable health threat to your family and damage your home, so this is not the type of summertime growth we want to encourage. Let’s take a look at why mold loves summer just as much as you and I. 

High Humidity Levels

Summer is one of the ideal seasons for mold growth due to high levels of humidity. This will only be worsened in areas with poor ventilation. Several areas of your home are at risk of excess moisture. Window sills may grow condensation from the cold indoor air meeting the hot outdoor temps. Water extracted from AC units can leak. Take the time now to make sure all your windows are properly sealed and your AC unit is in working order to help prevent these moise situations. 

Favorable Temperature for Growth

Mold spores thrive well during summer, as they can grow in temperatures ranging from 32 to 100 degrees Celsius. Since mold spores are very light and microscopic, they can easily be carried away from one place to another by the cool evening breeze or even mild wind. 

Poor Ventilation

If your home has rooms that are poorly ventilated, it can lead to the development of stagnant moist air. Since there is no free circulation of air, mold spores that found their way into your home will not find their way out. Because of this reason, they can easily feed and grow on organic materials such as wallpapers, cardboard, and other items in the room. 

Water Leaks and Spills

If spring and summer are especially rainy and damp, it is important to look for signs of leaking in your home. Your roof and attic can be susceptible to leaks this time of year which will lead to mold growth if not addressed. 

It is always advisable to close your windows when it is raining to prevent them from letting in water. It is also a good idea to dry out any liquid spillages on the carpet or other surfaces in your house.

Mold thrives well in moist or damp environments because they have conditions favorable for growth. One way you can avoid mold in the summer is by reducing the amount of moisture in the air. Watching for leaks and properly cleaning your home can help prevent this. 

Mold Remediation in Springfield, Ohio

If mold is thriving in your home this summer, it is important to put a stop to it before it continues to spread. At Reliant Restoration our experts in mold remediation in Springfield, Ohio are here to get rid of mold in your home once and for all. Whether it be spring, summer, fall, or winter, mold isn’t welcome in your home!

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