Why You Shouldn’t Handle Your Own Emergency Repair

We live in an age of DIY. Thanks to HGTV, instructional articles, and countless how-to videos on YouTube, you can learn to do just about any repair or renovation yourself. Theoretically, at least. And while it can be fun, rewarding, and cost saving to do some makeovers and fixes yourself, there are certain situations best left to professionals.

One of those is emergency repairs.

If you’ve experienced a fire, severe storm, flooding, or some other unexpected catastrophe, you may consider handling the situation yourself. This isn’t a great idea, however. Why? Let’s take a look!

Your Insurance Might Cover It

There are a number of emergency situations covered under insurance policies, especially fire damage. The exact coverage can vary greatly from policy to policy, and you’ll need to check with your insurance agent first.

But if the repairs are covered by your policy, you should absolutely hire an emergency repair company to handle them. They’ll be able to provide a higher level of service in a very short timeframe. Speaking of timeframes…


When it comes to emergency repairs, you want them to be done quickly so that your home can be returned to normal. The longer you leave storm, water, or fire damage untouched, the greater toll it will take on your home. Mold can spread. Wood can rot. The smell of water or smoke will permeate to the point where you will never fully get rid of it.

If you’re trying to handle repairs yourself, you might not be able to finish them up as quickly as they should be. Your normal day-to-day schedule doesn’t stop just because you experienced sudden damage in your home.

An emergency repair team can restore your home on the fastest timeline possible.

Accuracy and Thoroughness

Emergency home repairs are unique compared to traditional renovations and fixes. It’s often about trying to restore things to their previous appearance so that everything in the home is cohesive. This requires specific know-how and experience to do properly. Otherwise, the patchwork will be obvious and, well, patchy.

Additionally, emergency repair needs to be done thoroughly. Otherwise, you could be left with compromised structural integrity, lingering smells, hidden mold, and more.

Hidden Dangers

Storm, water, or fire damage can make your home a dangerous place. Even once the dust has settled, lingering hazards can remain. One of the most common dangers is electrical exposure. Wires may be damaged. Water may get into outlets.

Trying to repair these items can result in a life-threatening shock. If you’re dealing with mold or smoke, you could inhale it, which can cause allergic reactions and asthma flair ups.

All in all, you’re really best off hiring a professional to handle your emergency repair needs. That way, you’ll remain safe, and your home can be restored properly. At Reliant Restoration, we provide emergency repair services for all your needs, from fire damage repair to mold remediation in Springfield, Ohio and beyond.

If you’ve suffered from sudden damage to your home, contact us now!

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