Winter Storm Damage Repair

When you think of storm damage you likely think of spring thunder and hail storms, tropical storms, or tornadoes. You likely aren’t thinking about ice, snow, and sleet, which means when a winter storm rolls through your neighborhood in Ohio you may not be prepared for the damage it could cause. 

No time of year is immune to storm damage. Your house is constantly at risk as mother nature is unpredictable. Luckily, advancement in home building and materials means that most of the time your house and family will remain safe and unharmed through winter storms. 

But what happens when a winter storm does cause damage to your home? Do you know who to call? At Reliant Restoration we are experts in storm damage repair around Springfield, Ohio. And yes, that includes winter storms. 

How do you know when to call us? Do you know what to look for after a winter storm rolls through? Let’s take a look at some of the damage that can be caused by different elements of a winter storm. 

  • Ice- When freezing rain accumulates on trees and power lines and forms ice and it can get heavy. If enough ice accumulates, the structure of trees and power lines can become weakened or even fail. Meaning falling branches could cause damage to your house. 
  • Snow Accumulation- as snow piles on trees, power lines, or other exterior structures it can also get heavy. Weak branches or structures can’t always support the weight.  This increases the risk of falling branches and potential damage to your home. 
  • Snow on Roofs- Of course when snow storms roll through it will accumulate on your roof. When several feet of snow accumulate from one storm this can create too much stress on your roof and in severe cases cause them to collapse. 
  • Strong Winds- When strong winds accompany accumulations of snow and ice it can add stress and enhance the potential for tree damage and power outages. 
  • Flooding After the Snow- A sharp warm-up or heavy rain following a winter storm can set the stage for major flooding.

Next time a winter storm rolls through, be on the lookout for damage to your home. Damage that goes unnoticed can be detrimental to your home over time. Our professional team at Reliant Restoration is here to brave the cold temps to ensure your home is properly repaired. 


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