Your Fire Safety Reminder to Ensure a Happy Holidays

We feel like we could send out this reminder every year to homeowners as the weather cools down and everyone retreats inside their homes for the winter. It’s the season of holiday décor, cozy fires, family gatherings, and lots of cooking.

While this is all fun and a time to truly enjoy and be grateful, we have seen far too many holiday festivities derailed by unsafe practices and accidental housefires.

We want to help you remember to do what you can to keep the fire in your fireplaces this year and not let it destroy your home. Here are your fire safety reminders for this holiday season.

Be Careful With Candles and Fireplaces

This time of year, it can be fun to use candles and fireplaces as a way to provide nice light and warmth in your home. The use of candles and fireplaces is always risky as you bring open flames into your home. When used in rooms being occupied and consistently monitored, however, they can be utilized in a relatively safe manner.

Never leave a candle or fireplace in an unattended room and be sure the area around the flames is free and clear of flammable objects such as blankets, other décor, shelving, gifts, etc…

Use Heating Equipment With Caution

Electronic heating equipment are some of the biggest fire starters this time of year. Heating pads, electric blankets, and space heaters should never be left unattended. It is also important not to use extension cords when operating this heating equipment, as that increases the chance of fire.

Be Mindful of Holiday Decorations

Again, it can be fun and cozy to fill your home with candles, lights, trees, and garlands but all these items can introduce flames, heat, or additional flammable objects into your home. It can be best to utilize alternative options such as flameless candles or fake trees to decrease your chances of accidentally starting a fire in your home.

Be Careful in The Kitchen

The holidays are a time where the kitchen is full. From big family meals to marathon baking experiences it is likely your oven and stove get more use this time of year than any other time. Always remember to practice kitchen safety. Keep track of hand towels and other small flammable objects, don’t leave the oven on when you are out of the house, and monitor all items on the stove in order to prevent a fire from starting.

We want your holiday season to be merry and bright, but if you do find your house with fire damage, give our team a call immediately. We act quickly to bring you fire damage restoration in Springfield, Ohio. We hope you can safely enjoy this holiday season!

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