Cleaning and Repairing Smoke Damage

When a home has experienced a fire, it’s natural to think about the damage the heat and flames have caused. What many people don’t realize is that smoke damage can often be worse. Even if the fire was contained to a specific area and extinguished, smoke likely permeated through much of the house. In fact, smoke can continue to penetrate surfaces long after the fire has been put out. 

Though smoke might not cause the type of structural damage fire does, it can cause stains, discoloration, and very unpleasant smells. Additionally, it can be a serious health risk. Before any cleaning is done, a home needs to be properly ventilated. This means opening up windows and doors and turning your HVAC system off. You may think that your HVAC system could help filter air, but it actually just spreads soot and smoke to other rooms. 

Once the smoke has been cleared, the process of repairing smoke damage has only just begun. 

Cleaning the Stains & Removing the Smell 

Cleaning smoke stains isn’t easy. Getting rid of the smell of smoke can be even more difficult. Homes are built with porous materials like wood, drywall, and cement. Despite their sturdy structures, they absorb smoke quite easily. Smoke penetrates the surfaces of your home, leaving behind particles that cause stains and produce odors.  

You can’t simply cover up smoke damage. Apply a fresh coat of paint or stain, and smell will resurface once it dries. Instead, surfaces need to be deep cleaned with special sponges and chemical cleaners. Any fabrics will need to be steam-cleaned as well. Getting rid of smoke damage is an intensive, multi-step process. If it’s not done correctly, you’ll be breathing the smell of smoke for a long time. 

It’s Best to Contact a Professional 

The aftermath of a fire can be a dangerous situation. There can be structural damage, harmful vapors, exposed wires, and more. Beyond that, fixing fire and smoke damage is a difficult job. You’ll need the right tools and a systematic approach. That’s why it’s best to utilize an emergency repair professional. 

Even if the fire was minimal, the lingering effects can be significant.  

If your insurance covers fire and smoke damage, there’s really no reason not to hire a pro. If it doesn’t, you can still save yourself a lot of time and trouble by using professional repair services. For fire and smoke damage restoration in Springfield, Ohio and the surrounding communities, contact Reliant Restoration today! 

We’ll help get your home back to how it should look and smell. 

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