Does Home Insurance Cover Mold?

When your home suffers any sort of damage, the first question you should ask is whether or not your insurance covers it. Experiencing a house fire or vandalization can be a difficult event to process. Having insurance to pay for the damages can provide some much-needed relief.   

While damage caused by fire, rain, wind, or theft is typically covered under insurance policies, other types of damage might not be. In the case of water damage, it can depend on the cause. For example, water damage from burst pipes are typically covered while flooding usually isn’t. 

But what happens if that water damage results in further problems such as mold development? Is that covered under your home insurance policy? Let’s take a look! 

Mold and Home Insurance 

Mold can develop in your home virtually anywhere a moist surface is present. If you’ve recently experienced flooding, you have an ongoing water leak, or you simply have high moisture levels, mold will likely start to form. Because the cause of mold is situational, coverage for mold damage can vary. 

Typically, mold is covered if the underlying cause is also covered. 

So, if your home develops mold due to water used to put out a fire, and your home insurance policy covers fire damage, mold removal will likely be covered. On the other hand, if you suffer a mold outbreak due to flooding, the mold repair likely won’t be covered. 

Also, mold caused by negligence probably won’t be covered either. 

Stopping Mold Before It Starts 

The best way to keep mold out of your home is to take care of any damages quickly and properly. If you’ve suffered any type of water-based damage to your home, contact an emergency repair service right away. The faster your home is restored, the less likely it is that mold will develop.  

If you do find mold in your home, it’s best to utilize a professional to remove it whether it’s covered by your insurance provider or not. If mold isn’t properly treated, it will likely return. 

For timely, reliable emergency repair in the Miami Valley area, Reliant Restoration has you covered. We’ll make sure your home is properly dried out and restored so that mold can’t thrive and spread. Contact us today for emergency damage repair and mold removal in Springfield, Ohio

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